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Obama picks gay bishop to wrap Easter Prayer Breakfast with invocation

By Cheryl K. Chumley

​25 Schools under investigation for Muslim jihad indoctrination of the children. (England)

By Claire Carter and agencies

Atheist Group sues Clemson Football Program for Prayers, Bible Studies

By C. Edmund Wright

New technology allows users to make purchases by scanning hand

By Emily Thomas

Police arrest 'raging anti-Semite' in Kansas Jewish center shootings

By Saeed Ahmed, Ashley Fantz & Catherine E. Shoichet

Pro-Abortion HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to Resign

By Steve Ertelt

Someone is Handing Out Leaflets in Eastern Ukraine Telling Jews to 'Register'

By Abby Ohlheiser

Cornell Nixes Bid to Place Divestment Vote During Passover

By Stuart Winer & Times of Israel Staff

Judges in Utah Gay Marriage Case Question lawyers


Temple Mount Explodes in Violence Before Passover

By Israel Today Staff

Air Force Removes POW Display because of Bible

By Jason Wert

Chinese Gov't Wants to Curb Spread of Christianity

By Xu Yangjingjing

Mozilla CEO Resigns From Post After Being Vilified for Supporting Prop 8

By Morgan Lee

Megapastor Quits Due to Moral Failing.

By Joe Kovacs

Cookie Monster Nabbed for Nazi Activity

By Spencer Ho

Supporters of feminist Professor who assaulted teen, called pro lifer a 'domestic terrorist'

By Staff

Corrosive Conformity

By The Editors

Mississippi OK's Religious Freedom Protection Bill; Adds "In God We Trust" to State Seal

By Staff

Congressional Hearing: Christians Worldwide Being Targeted for their Faith.

By Heather Clark

The New Pitchfork Persecutors

By John Fund

Supreme Court declines to hear appeal from photographers who wouldn't work same-sex ceremony

By Staff

Austria: Muslims Outnumber Catholics in Vienna Schools

By Soeren Kern

Pope Francis Brings up Pro-Life, Religious Freedom Concerns during Obama Meeting

By Justin Sink

Alabama Governor Declares 'Day of Prayer Over Students'

By Heather Clark

Hostage Taking Past of Iran's United Nations Envoy pick, a dilemma for Obama

By Kambiz Foroonhar and David Lerman

Jews of Russia and Ukraine at war?

By Cnaan Liphshiz

Pro-lifers say Nancy Pelosi to accept Planned Parenthood's 'Eugenics Award'

By Caroline May

Ohio Islamic Group Erects 'Jesus is Muslim' and 'Mohammed is in the Bible' billboards

By Rob E. Wells

Defying Court, Maryland Official Opens with Prayer in the Name of Jesus

By Reuters

Islamic Jihad Chief: 'Learn From the Jews How to Love Jerusalem'

By Tova Dvorin

Hillsong Church Pastor Brian Houston Denies promoting "Chrislam", says sermon taken out of context

By Nicola Menzie

Egyptian Wants to Sue Israel Over Biblical Plagues

By WND staff

Federal Judge to Strike Down Ohio Gay Marriage Ban

By Alex Rogers

School Children in Boston Area play 'Jail the Jew'

By JTA Staff

Aborted and Miscarried Baby Remains used to Power British Hospitals

By Morgan Lee

Atheist Professor Finds Christ, Loses Promotion, Files a Lawsuit

BY Alliance Defending Freedom Staff

Supreme Iranian Leader Repeats Doubts about Holocaust

By Uzi Baruch

Students At Loyola, a Catholic University, pass anti-Israel Divestment Resolution

By Joel B. Pollak

Planned Parenthood Does One Abortion Every 95 Seconds

By Emily Esfahani Smith

Arab League Backs Refusal to Recognize Jewish State

By Times of Israel and AFP Staff

US appeals court upholds new Texas abortion rules

By Staff

Saudis: Jew Stays Out

By Judson Berger

Russian TV Anchor: Jews Brought Holocaust on Themselves

By JTA Staff

Verizon defends decision to offer incest and child themed porn on video-on-demand

By Hollie McKay

3 Christian Villages Burned down in Nigeria: Over 100 people hacked and burned to death

By Stoyan Zaimov

Atheist Group Demands that Gov. Scott Walker Delete 'religious tweet'

By Billy Hallowell

Abortion Tourism is a thing in Texas now

By Eric Owens

Air Force: Christian's Religious Speech Not a Legally Protected Right

By Ken Klukowski

Americans in Israel to Face FATCA-IRS Collectors

By David Shamah

Maine College: We Won't Tolerate Intolerance of Bible Believers

Bob Kellogg

Palestinian Official: Allah Gathering the Jews So We Can Kill Them

Ryan Jones

Oregonians Seek Religious Freedom Referendum

By Charlie Butts

Israel Ranked as Best for Women in the Middle East

By Tova Dvorin