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"Rabbi Cahn describes the “Eight Harbingers of Judgment” experienced by Israel and their uncanny parallels to the events of September 11, 2001: his insights are prodigious, overwhelming and foreboding. The consequences that would befall the nation that would not hear the Watchman after experiencing the prior warning which would be a shadow of the cataclysm to come." Bill Somers   More...


Almost 80,000 sign UK petition for Netanyahu arrest


Military experts: Iran already has nuclear weapons

By Jerome R. Corsi

Atheists Drive Jesus Christ out of Kansas School

By Carey Gillam/Reuters

What is the Shemitah?

By Brandon Jones

Summer reading list with gay theme stokes controversy at elite university


During Every Market Crash There Are Big Ups, Big Downs And Giant Waves Of Momentum

By Michael Snyder

'Gay' history thrust into U.S. classrooms


HS Marching Band Barred From Playing Halftime Hymn.

By Dave Urbanski

Huge Turnout: 320 Planned Parenthoods Protested in 50 States.

By Michael F. Haverluck

Iran's Supreme Leader Urges Muslim Unity Against "Real Enemies" Israel and US

By Ahuva Balofsky

Kim Jong-un warns North Korea to be 'fully ready for war' after South Korea artillery exchange

By John Shammas

Christian Schools in China

By June Cheng

First Openly Transgender Official Hired at White House.

By The Associated Press

Colleagues pounce on city council member for opposing homosexual 'marriage'

By Lisa Bourne

10 Things That Are Going to Happen Within 15 Days of the End of the Shemitah

By Michael Snyder

Colleagues pounce on city council member for opposing homosexual 'marriage'

By Lisa Bourne

10 Things That Are Going to HappenWithin 15 Days of the End of the Shemitah

By Michael Synder

Missouri Commission Removes Desert Storm Memorial With Jesus Fish

By William Bigelow

Board: Judges Can't Use Freedom of Religion to Avoid Performing Same Sex Marriages.

By Dr. Susan Berry

First Baptist Church to Ordain Gay, Transgender Ministers.

By Jessilyn Justice

Hong Kong McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut Say No to Request to Offer Halal Meat.

y Admin

Lawsuit Targets Last State With "Gay Adoption" ban.

By Charlie Butts

NJ Earthquake: Residents Heard Explosion Like Sound.

By Ben Horowitz and Justin Zaremba/NJ Advance Media for

Muslims Harass Congressmen Visiting Temple Mount.

By Lahav Harkov

China in Freefall: Potential Currency War Coming.

By Breitbart News

Australian Governmenet Undermines Chances for Gay Marriage.

By The Associated Press

Jonathan Cahn Releases Urgent Video Message: A Great Shaking Is Coming To America and the World

By Joe Cruz

Did Isaac Newton predict major turn in Bible prophecy?

By Leo Hohmann

Are We Entering a Modern-Day Amorite Judgment?

By Os Hillman

Nepali Constitution Could Make Gospel Absolutely Illegal

By World Watch Monitor

Goddess Kali projected on New York's Empire State Building


Russian warships dock in Iran for training exercises

By Adam Kredo

The Dow Has Already Fallen Nearly 900 Points From The Peak Of The Market

By Michael Snyder

Everybody preparing for a 'September event' that coincides with Shemitah

By J. D. Heyes

Town puts kibosh on prayer meeting's warning

By Bob Unruh

Lesbian mayor who demanded sermons now being sued

By Bob Unruh

Obama: Terrorist Rockets Will 'Rain on Tel Aviv if Congress Rejects Iran Deal'.

By Kelly Cohen

UK Cops Create Taxpayer Funded Gay Police Car for Pride Event.

By Raheem Kassam

Crash Alarm, Apple Inc, Twitter Inc, Commodities, Greek Stocks, Chinese Stocks.

By Michael T. Snyder

'Gays' demand 'irreversible harm' to Christian

By Bob Unruh

Bibi Urges US Jews to Oppose Iran Deal in Webcast of 10,000.


New Hampshire Votes to Stop Giving State Money to Planned Parenthood

By Kaitlyn Schallhorn

Transgender college student harvests eggs before transitioning to man


Boko Haram Slits the Throats of Sixteen Christian Fishermen

By Thomas D. Williams

Apocalpytic Iran Heat Wave Nearly Breaks World Record

By Ari Yashar

Judge dismisses atheist's lawsuit seeking to remove Ten Commandments monument

By Jonah Hicap

Planned Parenthood Killing Babies? White House: Planned Parenthood Highly Ethical.

By Michael F. Haverluck

Athens Stock Exchange Reopens, Falls 23%.

By Ed Adamczyk

Good Samaritans Family is Gunned Down on Montana Indian Reservation.

By Ed Payne and Tina Burnside

Appeals Court Rules Christian Owned Pharmacy Must Sell Morning After Pill.

By Sarah Padbury