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Hillary renews vow to appoint pro-abort Supreme Court justices in second presidential debate

By Claire Chretien

Dollar Slipping After Jobs Report

By Elena Holodny

Munich's Schmock restaurant closes due to Israel-hate


Commercial Bankruptcies Soar 38 Percent as Debt Crushes Businesses

By R Williams

U.S. Navy ship targeted in failed missile attack from Yemen: U.S.

By Phil Stewart

25 new 'Dead Sea Scrolls' revealed

By Owen Jarus

China now on warpath against its own 'state' churches

By Bob Unruh

Cholera outbreak spreading in Yemen: WHO

By Reuters

New Study: Number of Antisemitic Incidents Targeting London Jews Far Higher Than Official Statistics

by Barney Breen-Portnoy

Obama Administration Has Opened Door to Business With Iran's Top Terrorist Group

by Barney Breen-Portnoy

Why Arkansas Won't Let Toby Mac on Its School Buses

By Todd Starnes

How Azusa Street Exposed - And Overturned - Racism in the Church

By Daniel K. Norris

CoverGirl unveils first ever male model

By Claire Ricke

Clinton campaign spokeswoman takes shots at Catholics, evangelicals in leaked email exchange


Health care costs rise by most in 32 years

By Patrick Gillespie

First child dies by euthanasia in Belgium

By Chandrika Narayan

School rule mandates boys 'bedding down' with girls on overnight trips

By Greg Corombos

Same-sex attraction 'safe space' - at Bible college!

By Bob Unruh

Obama Seeks to Force States to Fund Planned Parenthood Before Leaving Office

By Michael Gryboski

Gov't to fire Christian for not viewing pro-LGBT video?

By Michael F. Haverluck

Navy Requires All Sailors to Undergo Transgender Education by July 2017

by Katherine Rodriguez

Suspect In Chelsea, Seaside Park Explosions Ordered Held; Investigators Say 'No Indication' Of Broader Cell


America Themed BBQ Too 'Offensive' For Ramapo College

By Daniel Pickert

Church-State Separation Group, Methodist Minister, Sue School for 'Pushing Religion on Students'

Obama: Israel cannot 'permanently occupy, settle Palestinian land'

Backlash Against Transgender Locker Rooms in Clovis, California

By Michelle Moon

'Position of strength': NATO to deploy 4,000-strong ‘deterrent’ near Russia's borders by May


Traditions such as Christmas celebrations will die out unless people stand up for British values, government review finds

By Tim Ross

UC Berkeley Responds to Pressure, Suspends Anti-Semitic Course

By JNI.Media

Iran threatened to shoot down US Navy spy planes in the Persian Gulf

By Lucas Tomlinson

School Warns Parents That Some Students Might Have Leprosy.

By David K. Li

10,000 Church Members Leave Church of Denmark in 3 Months Amid Atheist Ad Campaign.

By Stoyan Zaimov

Atheist Group Demands Texas School Paint Over Ten Commandments Mural

By Merrill Hope

Pastors Could Land in Jail For 30 Days If They Violate This Transgender Law.

By Todd Starnes

Obama Nominates Nation's First Muslim Federal Judge

By Heather Clark

Oklahoma's Largest Earthquake Shuts Down Osage, Pawnee Nations.

By Kristi Eaton

Lost onyx stone believed to be an ancient gem from the breastplate of the High Priest of Jerusalem is 'found' after being 'missing for 1,000 years'

By Stacy Liberatore

Incest in America. The Next Sex Taboo To Fall?


Police arrest man who threatened to kill Netanyahu

By Times of Israel Staff

Militia group holds protest over mosque in Newton County

By WXIA Staff and Chris Hopper

Int'l Law Expert: UN's Obsession With Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Robs It of Ability to Deal With More Serious Problems

By Barney Breen-Portnoy

Over 1 million march in Mexico against same-sex 'marriage'

By Claire Chretien

Tent Cities Full Of Homeless People Are Booming In Cities All Over America As Poverty Spikes

By Michael Snyder

China Tells Japan To Stay Off Its Second Continent, Africa

By Panos Mourdoukoutas

Majority of UK Christians Have Had a Supernatural Experience

By CBN News

Muslim Refugee Raped A Boy, Said It Wasn’t A Crime Because It's 'Culturally Acceptable' In Homeland

By Michael Qazvini

Argentinian pupils 'wearing Nazi armbands attack Jewish students'

By Shehab Khan

'Scary' NJ stats: Dozens of suicide attempts by kids as young as 10 this year

By David Matthau

George Washington University Hires 'Reformed' Al-Qaeda Recruiter

By Edwin Mora

Ex Mossad chief: Israel's biggest threat is potential civil war, not Iran

By Ariel Whitman